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This is our detailed gay guide to Romania to inspire and help LGBTQ to learn why it's sometimes called Cluj-Napoca and see the best sights.
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All Romania. All Countries. Find gay people in Romania change country. You may have you personal objectives, ambitions and desired and the most handy process to make them come true is to go on cruising.

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Most of the people prefer to go on gay cruising because they can locate like-minded men from other components of the world. You can effortlessly uncover useful sources on the internet, which can be utilised to bridge the gap involving communities and establish new companionships.

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Gay Cruising in Cluj-Napoca can be considered as one of the very best methods offered for gay individuals to meet like-minded people and share suggestions. It will not be a challenging job for you to get into a meaningful relationship with a gay and you just need to find gay cruising. If you are prepared to travel the world and explore new destinations with like-minded people, you can feel of in search of regions with Gay Cruising in Cluj-Napoca. In homosexuality was decriminalized and anti-discrimination statutes were passed.

Every two years the country honors its native son, who died in , with an international music festival and competition involving dozens of world class orchestras, soloists and conductors. Away from the magic in the Atheneum, the streets and farms of Romania are much more rude and sober for gays and lesbians. Entrepreneurial ideas, creativity and ingenuity are new and unusual concepts for most working class people especially in the countryside. Now since the fall there seems to be a rebound, noted Florin, and people seem to be more religious than before. Changing Attitudes The mind set that homosexuality is some kind of alien crime will not easily or soon be overcome.

Despite the recent legal changes all three gay leaders admitted that changing attitudes is the greatest challenge facing gay activists and their organizations. Homophobia is high in Romania and gay bashing is not unheard of. Since it was still daylight the neighborhood was quite safe.

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To a visitor Queens was virtually invisible: the only clue was a small sign inside a doorway that led to the basement bar. We tried the door but it was locked. Florin is a handsome, soft-spoken man in his thirties. With dark hair and eyes, in his balanced features one could see his Roman ancestry peeking down through the centuries.

The job demanded—and still demands—attention in many directions at once.

Gay Cruising

While I was there, he had to confront a government health department, which wanted to mandate HIV testing of all children in orphanages. This would have stigmatized these already disadvantaged children and made them virtually un-adoptable. Then there are countless organizational issues such as funding, staffing, conflicts and conferences with other organizations, education seminars for the university or businesses as well as on-going TV and radio appearances to answer endless questions about homosexuality in Romania.

Most gay Romanians are not out to their families and many of them live at home to save money. There is no center, no pride march, only two bars and no publications—nothing that would draw attention. Instead, the work of Accept is polite, deliberate, sometimes vocal yet respected and very committed. His appointment accompanied by his partner Alex Nevarez was greeted with disapproval by old-school officials in Bucharest.

By e-mail I invited him to lunch and his reply expressed willingness but regretted a full schedule. Florin respected Guest because the ambassador had not tried to hide or diminish his orientation and had spoken openly about it when asked; his partner appeared at official embassy functions. It was not possible for me to express myself, to enjoy love or sex. It was always something secretive and illegal.

I was illegal for just being who I was. My mother wants me to be happy but she is sad about it. My father and I have never spoken aloud about me and at first he was distant. At that time, in the early years after communists fell and before the law changed, there were almost no gay places, no Internet contacts, almost no one to contact.

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If someone wants to come out he can find out about our organization—Attitude—and can get some help and support. They also have a Yahoo discussion group. Robert explained that Attitude is not as politically minded as the Accept organization in Bucharest. Attitude does have organizational meetings and groups for support as well as social events. If serious counseling is need a professional therapist is available in Cluj. It works locally with the police to help calm hostile attitudes and coordinate liaison with the gay events, or sort out the confusion of a raid on a gay venue.

Robert clearly sees the enormous task for Accept and Attitude now that the pro-gay laws are in place; it will be an uphill or up-cliff! There is little understanding and little tolerance toward gays so it is not unusual to be threatened, roughed up or coerced to pay a bribe.

And virtually no gay Romanian can resist or protest since to do so would bring a public view to his private life. A person is almost certain to be fired from his or her job or place at university if exposed. As an out leader, Robert had nothing to lose last year when he took a newspaper reporter to the Anti-discrimination Council for writing a slanderous article about him and one of his social events. In one of the first test cases of the new anti-discrimination law, Robert won his suit against the reporter who was forced to pay a fine for his offense.

I want to live free and relaxed without homophobia. We are everywhere and we want to be obvious and safe. His informal Rainbow Group regularly stages parties and shows at these places. On occasion one of the drag shows is noted in the press but usually framed with a ridiculing view.

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  8. There are no gay magazines printed in Romania—and few western publications sold there. It appears there is little market for such publications. As well, to be seen buying or possessing a gay magazine would be very risky. I promised to send some from California in a brown paper wrapper.

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    The gypsy tribal name is based on an old myth that they derived from Egypt; more likely they came from India. Homosexuality among the Roma, according to Robert, is even more of a stain on their family honor than for Romanians. Being gay or lesbian is a tough fate not likely to ever be accepted within the life of this ethnic group. Robert has dated Roma men on occasion and has enjoyed their company—quite different from the harsh discrimination gypsies experience in most of Europe. They are a very impoverished minority with little political representation so family pride and tribal bonds are all the more important.

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    When someone offends that fragile connection or upsets gender roles the reaction is vehement and rude rejection as the gossip spreads like wild fire. Soon everyone knows and there is no place to hide except far away. Usually the cities offer a better chance for survival. Future Hope There are some small glimpses of social change in Romania in that about , Romanians subscribe to cable TV where such stations as HBO, ShowTime and Bravo broadcast numerous gay-theme sitcoms, dramas and documentaries.

    Further, as in countless other countries, the mushrooming use of the Internet has brought a silent technological revolution in communication for Romania.