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Common queries: Is it illegal to be gay in San Juan? Is homosexuality legal in San Juan? Is gay marriage legal in San Juan? Consensual sexual activity between individuals of the same sex. Legal recognition of sex reassignment by permitting a change of legal gender on an individual's birth certificate. The ability for same-sex couples to legally adopt a child. The ability for homosexuals to serve in the military and be open about their sexuality.

The ability for MSMs men who have sex with men to donate blood or tissue for organ transplants. A deferral period refers to a waiting time before a man can donate after having sex. The difference between legal age of consent for homosexual sex and heterosexual sex. The unemployment rate in the second quarter of stood at 9. The unemployment rate in the Greater Buenos Aires metropolitan region was Wages and Labor Productivity.

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In August , the minimum monthly wage for public and private employees was set at Ps. In , the minimum income subject to income tax was Ps. Current Account. Trade of Goods and Services. Goods 1. Services 2. Primary Income Earnings. Employee Compensation.

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Investment Earnings. Direct Investment. Portfolio Investment. Other Investments. Reserve Assets. Secondary Income Current Transfers. Capital Account. Net external financial needs. Financial Account. Central Bank. Deposit-Collecting Entities. Other Sectors. Net Errors and Omissions. Memorandum Item. Transactions of Reserve Assets Change. Central Bank International Reserve Variation.

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Exchange Rate Adjustment. Goods are calculated on a FOB basis.

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Includes import and export freight and insurance. The increase in the deficit was mainly the result of:. Trade of Goods. In January , Argentina regained access to the U. Generalized System of Preferences, under which over Argentine exports enjoy preferential tariffs. Further, in April , the U.

Further, in January , the Macri administration reached an agreement with China on the elimination of restrictions on imports of Argentine meat. Deposit -Collecting Entities. This increase was mainly due to inflows from the sale of Bonares due and Bonares due pursuant to certain transactions entered into by the Republic granting the Republic the right to cause the cancellation of such Bonares upon the payment by the Republic of the amounts specified under such transactions and inflows from IMF disbursements under the SBA, which were partially offset by outflows in portfolio investment.

This increase was mainly driven by a decrease in short-term investments made in Argentina by non-residents, attributable to the appreciation of the U. S dollar and upward shift in the U. International Reserves. As of September 30, , the gross international reserve assets of the Central Bank totaled U. This decrease was mainly due the severe drought that led to a sharp decline in agricultural production and export revenue and significant capital outflows following the appreciation of the U. Monetary Policy. Between June and August , the Central Bank announced several increases to the minimum reserve requirements for demand deposits and term deposits in pesos, with the aim of controlling the money market liquidity and reducing inflation.

The Monetary Policy Committee is in charge of determining reference rates, repurchase transactions rates and the rate of securities issued by the Central Bank, among all other factors necessary to execute the monetary policy program. To effect the elimination, the Central Bank announced that in each bidding process it will offer an amount of Lebacs lower than the stock maturing as of such date. Further, the Lebacs offered will only be available to non-banking entities, whilst banking entities will only be offered Nobacs and Leliqs.

The elimination of the stock of Lebacs seeks to improve the efficiency of the monetary policy and promote the development of the financial system. In particular, the Central Bank announced that it will not increase the monetary base until June , with a seasonal adjustment in December and June when demand for money is higher. This target brings about a significant monetary contraction in real terms. The monetary target is achieved by conducting daily transactions of Leliqs with banks, while Lebacs have been practically redeemed in full.

In addition, this target may be reached by adjusting minimum liquidity requirements. This quantity-based framework will remain in place until the nominal anchor becomes fully established and an inflation targeting regime can be successfully implemented. The monetary target is supplemented with foreign exchange intervention and non-intervention measures. If the exchange rate climbs above the non-intervention range, the Central Bank intends to sell foreign currency for up to U. These sales will not be sterilized, thus resulting in an additional contraction of the monetary base. If the exchange rate is below the non-intervention range, the Central Bank will be able to purchase foreign currency up to U.

Only in this scenario backed by a rise in reserves may the monetary authority decide to expand the monetary base. Central Bank Balance Sheet. International reserves:. Foreign currency. Placements of foreign currency. Other 1. Total international reserves 2.

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Public bonds 3. Credits to:. Financial system. International organizations 4.

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Other assets 5. Total assets. Monetary Base:. Currency in circulation 6. Current accounts in pesos 7. Total monetary base. Government deposits. Other deposits. Total deposits. Obligation to international organizations. Central Bank notes:. Notes issued in foreign currency.

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Notes issued in pesos. Total Central Bank notes 8. Other liabilities. Total liabilities. Net assets. Memorandum items:. International reserves of the central bank in months of total imports. Exchange rate Ps. Includes short-term foreign-currency denominated bonds and foreign currency-denominated deposits.

Includes a consolidated Treasury note, IMF obligations and others. Includes transfers to international organizations from Government accounts and transfers to the Government from the IMF. Includes transition accounts and others.

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