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In its final report, the expert group appointed by the Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services to assess the security and privacy of the country's COVID contact tracing app, "Smittestopp", concluded that the app handles neither responsibly. The group recommended removing all data once it's. Coronavirus exacerbates UK inequality. There are also concerns about child. Bio-surveillance in the UK includes Ministry of Defence. The Ministry of Defence Strategic Command's technology innovation hub, JHub, has been brought in to provide assistance and.

Developer finds Bluetooth flaw in Australian contact tracing app. In late May, a software developer found a flaw in the app that would allow someone with a relatively simple. UK plans to retain contact tracing app for future research. After the CEO of NHSx told the the UK parliament that data harvested by the NHSx contact tracing app would be retained for future research, the UK Ministry of Defence said it would turn the data over to its Jhub to sanitise the data and remove all personally identifying information before passing it.

Cameras repurposed as "fever-detecting" aren't designed for and are not very good at detecting infections, but businesses, airlines, major employers, and public officials are nonetheless reacting to the coronavirus pandemic by spending large sums to buy them without understanding their limitations. Scottish Parliament votes down emergency relaxation of FoI deadlines. As part of its pandemic-related emergency measures, in April the Scottish government extended the deadline for public bodies to respond to freedom of information requests to 40 days.

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US trial finds coronavirus in sewage could be early warning system. The RNA. Researchers scrape masked faces from social media to train algorithms. Researchers are scraping social media posts for images of mask-covered faces to use to improve facial recognition algorithms. Researchers scrape social media for masked faces to train AI models. After governments in many parts of the world began mandating wearing masks when out in public, researchers in China and the US published datasets of images of masked faces scraped from social media sites to use as training data for AI facial recognition models.

Researchers from the startup. France chooses centralised app design. France, like the UK, opted to develop its own contact tracing app. Dutch contact tracing app finalists all fail in testing. In March the Dutch government announced that a contact tracing app would become the core of its testing policy. Of the proposals it received in response to its open tender, 63 were long-listed; however, none of the seven finalists met the privacy and security criteria.

Research simulating the. Court ruling blocks French drones for curfew enforcement. During the lockdown, French. Academics have disclosed today a new vulnerability in the Bluetooth wireless protocol, broadly used to interconnect modern devices, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and smart IoT devices.

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Left without pay, unable to stay in their living conditions, and with only limited. Trump administration spreads coronavirus to central America via deportations.

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Guatemala has only two hospitals and a scattering of smaller regional medical. Utah contact tracing app aims to speed up manual efforts. The goal is for the app to assist the 1, Utah Department of Health workers who are doing phone call. Slovakian court declares telecommunications data sharing unconstitutional. The Slovak Constitutional Court declared unconstitutional parts of the newly amended telecommunication law that permitted state authorities to access telcommunications data for the purposes of contact tracing.

The parliament approved the legislation in March, but the court ruled that the need for. New protocol tightens data practices for Indian contact tracing app. Any user of India's Aaorgya Setu contact tracing app can now request deletion of the data they've entered according to the Aaorgya Seta Emergency Data Access and Knowledge Sharing Protocol, , which specifies the definition, collection, processing, and storage of the data the app collects. The controversial Israeli spyware company NSO Group's US arm, Westbridge, has been trying to pitch its phone hacking software to US law enforcement agencies such as the San Diego Police Department, particularly a tool called "Phantom", which the complany claims can overcome encryption, track.

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Shortly after the dashboard's existence was posted on. Stigma inhibits South Korean attempts to trace bar contacts.

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Authorities in South Korea, which had been successful in containing the coronavirus early on due to its aggressive testing programme, began trying to trace more than 5, people who visited a group of bars between April 2 and May 6 because a single infected customer led to a new outbreak. More than. Coronavirus increases risk and stigmatisation for Europe's 10 million Roma.

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  • Chile postpones launch of immunity passport over discrimination concerns. The decision was approved by experts from the Chilean.

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    Health passports begin shipping to 15 countries. The Covi-pass uses a colour system of red, green, and amber to indicate. New York City lifts Zoom ban after security improvements. A number of incidents in which Zoom events in education settings were disrupted led the New York City school district to ban the use of Zoom for remote learning.

    Among the Zoombombing incidents: saboteurs inserted racist and anti-Semitic messages into a virtual graduation ceremony at Oklahoma City. Egypt: President and security agencies gain additional powers. The Egyptian president, Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, has approved 18 amendments to the country's emergency law that allow him and security agencies additional powers. Only five of the amendments are clearly related to public health. Along with closing schools and universities, quarantining people. Hungarian government suspends some aspects of GDPR. Under the country's emergency laws, on May 4 the Hungarian government announced it would suspend parts of GDPR and exempted authorities from key provisions such as subject access rights, the right to request erasures, and providing notice that personal information is being collected and stored as.

    China forces out Australian journalist. The Australian journalist Chris Buckley, who reports for the New York Times, was forced to leave China on April 10 after 24 years of reporting on the country, bringing the number of journalists forced out of the country in the last year to After travelling to Wuhan to report on the unfolding. France adds mask detection to CCTV capabilities. As part of their preparations to ease the lockdown, French authorities have added AI tools into the CCTV cameras in the Paris Metro to detect the number of passengers who are wearing face masks.

    The system is also being used in outdoor markets and buses in Cannes. Although it is mandatory to wear a. Maine requires restaurants to collect contact tracing details. Among the regulations governing restaurants as the US State of Maine's moves into a phased reopening is a requirement to maintain customer records for contact tracing purposes, including one customer's name and contact information per party and those of the table's server. The regulations also. Israeli prime minister proposes microchipping children to enforce social distancing.

    At a press conference, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu suggested that microchipping everyone, beginning with children returning to school and kindergarten as the coronavirus lockdown ends; the chip would sound an alarm whenever anyone gets too close much as a car does. Security experts. In a technical analysis of the UK NHSx contact tracing app for iOS, security engineers find that Apple's Bluetooth design makes it harder to detect iPhones running the app in background mode, and the app is using "keepalive" notifications in order to keep the app able to make the necessary.

    Colombian drops non-functional contact tracing from coronavirus app. CoronApp was downloaded by 4. Australian contact tracing app fails on iPhones. Serbia repeals parts of emergency coronavirus ordinances. Serbian MPs voted , with one not voting and one abstention, to lift the state of emergency that was declared on March 15 and repeal 11 emergency ordinances covering work, tax, debt, and criminal justice on the basis that the conditions for lifting it have been met. The change lifts curfews and. Gender-based quarantine rules bring discrimination and violence against trans people.

    In Colombia, Peru, and Panama, quarantine regulations assign men and women different days to go out.