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With little effort they found a place to live together and without much attention from anyone so far; picking the right neighborhood is important since big city women commonly live together for financial reasons or because they are related. In this manner, The Association integrates itself in local affairs and neighbors get to know the women not as lesbians but as charity caring workers for the common good.

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Slowly, as friends, they can be known, if others ask, for who they are: women loving women. Those who want to know more are free to ask. The Association discreetly asks questions about new members, but more commonly much is understood without words, said Ashura. Many health workers are uneducated about MSM and WSW and the variant sexual details of disease transmission among this population. There is always a need for more trained HIV-test counselors who can deal with same-sex behavior in a mature manner since homosexuality for many does not exist and is therefore not targeted in the national prevention programs.

It is hoped in the future to lobby the Ministry of Health on behalf of WSW and MSM to increase awareness of gay issues since these people already receive HIV care in hospitals and clinics throughout the country. Research for this purpose has been offered by Norway but so far only MSM are included in the proposal.

Even so, funding is usually restricted for specific events or programs and there is little left for supporting volunteers and leaders, although Ashura said there was one employed person, herself, in The Association. Happily, The Association managed to send representatives to the now defunct OutGames Human Rights Conference in Montreal in which served as an inspiring boost to their distant work in Tanzania. As if this were not enough to keep The Association busy for several years, Ashura said they want to do research and write documentation about sexual abuse of women, especially lesbians, that can be passed on to Tanzanian Human Rights organizations; this is awkward because some of them are not known to be friends of LGB citizens.

Even the former director of Amnesty International-Tanzania, who was somewhat supportive, has not shown any interest in bringing about awareness change in official circles. Even though the constitution prohibits discrimination against anyone, it is an abstraction that has little influence in the streets where people live and work and mask their truth with silence and smiles.

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Even in the respected University of Dar es Salaam not a single professor is willing to offer LGBT human rights leadership or support, including anyone from the law faculty—unlike Prof. As well the media needing their own training and education about LGB issues so the reporting begins to shift away from homophobic ignorance to more tolerant and understanding perspectives.

The list of offenses against LGBT Tanzanians, overt and hidden, personal and official is long and will take generations to move toward fairness. But recent political changes within the past ten years at the highest levels of government had begun to show some progress toward more honest and fair democratic policies and attitudes under the previous President Kikwete the most liked and least corrupt president Tanzania has had since independence from Britain in Unfortunately the current populist President Magufuli is more impulsive and authoritarian and not a friend of LGBT citizens..

It is a lesson in how easily weak institutions can be hijacked and how quickly democratic progress can be undone. Chapter two of the book focuses on the difficult lives of women in Tanzania and includes personal stories of their self-discoveries and attempts to live normal lives. Claiming over members throughout this country of 35 million people, CPSS has ten sub-groups or zones across the land.

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Together in Dar es Salaam they design programs intended to advance equal rights, increase awareness of diversity and educate people about HIV preventions and care. As well a serving others such charitable activity also helps qualify CPSS to receive some limited funding from international donors who must, in turn, be sensitive to the laws of recipient countries. In Tanzania homosexuality is a criminal offense which forces funders from liberal pro-gay countries such as Holland and Norway to find ways of spiriting money to groups without offending authorities.

Such cautiousness, I asked Allan, is it really necessary? Has anyone actually been busted? He was jailed, tried and sentenced to 34 years in prison. The term was later reduced to 30 years. As we spoke in the quiet of my hotel restaurant with few others present it was clear that both Allan and Jon were apprehensive about being overheard. But shortly after, the man left and we resumed our topic. Much as these courageous men are proud of their work, and despite being in a major metropolitan city, they still operate within a society that is filled with anti-gay negativity, harmful gossip and rumor that can humiliate and ridicule vulnerable people, destroy reputations and careers and break up families.

In the process of having fun the kids received age-appropriate information about health issues including HIV, self-respect, personal hygiene and the importance of education. Such events of course are expensive since there are T-shirts and food and awards to be made. CPSS operates on a very limited budget and as usual funding is tight and the need is always high.

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This is sub-Sahara Africa where the HIV rates mostly heterosexual are among the highest in the world. Another focus for CPSS is the local environment. They engage with residents of neighborhoods for clean-up days to improve living conditions, eliminating trash and stagnant water to reduce mosquitoes. As with the lesbians, the men in Dar es Salaam function in a lively yet closed social network of intersecting friendship circles in private homes, gay-friendly venues and at CPSS meetings where, Jon said with a playful smile, is the only safe place to cruise!

Needless to say the entire network is virtually invisible from the outside as homophobia always threatens to unmask or arrest people. Isombe says that all-female households are the best defense available against the risk of male violence. All the power belongs to us. Perpetrators must pay a fine of livestock to the women and repair any damage to their property. Such autonomy has also enabled her to spare her four daughters from early marriage.

The family's two oldest daughters didn't marry until age Their younger daughters, ages 17 and 14, still live at home.

Our priority is their education. Despite their unusual circumstances, the three women try to have a regular family life with their children. In addition to growing crops and raising livestock, Isombe and Mukosa collect mud from nearby marshes to make bricks, which they sell at the market, and both look after elderly Nyagochera.

The Kurya in their village don't celebrate birthdays much, but the women treat one another on other special occasions, including festival days. Perhaps not surprisingly, the fact that young women like Mukosa seem to prefer same-sex marriages can be unsettling to local men. Basically, they are jealous and confused," he says, laughing loudly. He initially got involved with his girlfriend because a clan member asked him to father her children as a favor to the clan. He soon discovered that he liked the year-old woman, so it was no sacrifice. Ill treatment can also work the other way, of course.

In Nyamongo, Dinna takes me to meet year-old Eliza Polycap, who fled an abusive same-sex marriage. Polycap's much- older wife paid a dowry of six cows for her when she was only 12, and arranged for men to have sex with her as soon as she reached puberty. She just wanted children, and she treated me like I wasn't human," says Polycap, who escaped with her 3-year-old son a year ago and is now trying to find a way to repay her dowry so she can get divorced.

Dinna says such blatant exploitation by older women is rare these days, but it remains a possibility. Fortunately, all is well at the Nyamongo homestead of Juma and Mugosi. The two women will soon reach their first anniversary as a married couple. They're not sure if they'll do anything to celebrate the occasion—their lives are busy with their land, their livestock, and their three boisterous boys. Juma is excited about their future together. All rights reserved. If you are the owner of the article or report and would like it to be removed, please contact us at hello landportal.

Various news items related to land governance are posted on the Land Portal every day by the Land Portal users, from various sources, such as news organizations and other institutions and individuals, representing a diversity of positions on every topic. The copyright lies with the source of the article; the Land Portal Foundation does not have the legal right to edit or correct the article, nor does the Foundation endorse its content.

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Skip to main content. Language of the news reported:. Mugosi Maningo and Anastasia Juma's homestead lies among a cluster of hamlets that make up the remote village of Nyamongo in far northern Tanzania. There's no road to their circular thatched houses in the bushland, only a snaking dirt track carved out by cattle on their way to graze. The two women live off their land, growing maize, millet, wheat, and vegetables, and keep- ing cows, goats, and chickens.

They share the care of Juma's sons—Muita, 11; Dominico, 7; and Daudi, 4—and hire local men to do odd jobs. That is up to her. There is no shortage of men keen to sleep with women in all-female marriages, so Juma is in a position to be picky.

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The chief tribal elder is Elias Maganya, 65, who lives in a village outside the main town of Tarime. Maganya is the chairman of the Kurya Tribal Council, the body that governs the tribe in the Tarime District.

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It's easy to appreciate that he is not a man to cross. Tall and imposing in khaki pants and a trilby-style hat, he holds forth in the shade of a sprawling baobab tree as villagers sit at his feet. Tribal leaders condone marriages between women, he explains, because they serve a number of functions within the tribe. A widow gets to keep her property, and she does not become a burden when she gets old," he says. There's also the matter of complex clan politics.

The Kurya tribe is made up of 12 main clans, each of which is divided into subclans. That will never happen," he says.