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Samir, like many gay men in the Arab world, guards his sexual orientation with a paranoid secrecy. To feel free he takes long vacations to.
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Manazil Al Madinah Hotel. This is a 4 Star rated hotel but we received 5 Star service. The reception was staffed by ladies, a change from our last visit. Manazel Alaswaf Hotel. Andalus Dar Alkhair Hotel. This hotel provides Indonesian Menu for Indonesian Moeslems who visit for umrah. And also serves money exchange with satisfied They're located near the Mosque. They don't have a good restaurant but they have been a friendly staff. Restaurants are near it. It was a great experience in this hotel. Meshal Hotel Al Madina. There are restaurents around the hotel in walking distance.

Room was nice. Date market was also near to the hotel. Staff was good. Fast and efficient. Room was OK, small tho.

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Proximity to masjid nabawi is not to bad. Al Ansar Hotel. Position hotel is in front of the Masque of Nabawih just 50 meters. So very easy to go pray. You don't need waiting in Masque , every will do pray Al Baraa Marmara Hotel. It's 4 minutes walking to masjid Alnabawi. It's very clean hotel. Staff are very nice and helpful. The rooms are small but clean. Easy access to market and resturants.

Harmony Hotel. Stupid receptionists. Garage fully packed with one door for enter and exit. Bad system of elevators. Ver small rooms. No friendly atmosphere. Money paid against nothing Good thing I had confirmation saved on my phone. No apologies was received. Al Shakreen Golden Tulip.

Apparently my payment didn't go through although I selected that I would pay at the hotel. I was then made to pay the full price which was Madinah Manazeli Hotel. You can get Haram view.

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Nearest Haram parking is 2 and 3. Good breakfast provided at hotel. Did not find any good restaurant in the nearby area. Al Ansar Al Rawda Suites. Specially it is good for families and Groups. Al Waha Al Roda Hotel. Promotional Rate. A item questionnaire was developed and pilot tested in KSA. This questionnaire was completed during the academic year by undergraduate male students at the King Saud University in Riyadh. Students in the College of Education were much more likely to be smokers than the students in the College of Science.

The logistic analysis identified peers friends as the most powerful factor in predicting smoking.

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Prevention programs will need to include education and changes in the college level or earlier in KSA. Awareness is extremely important in combating this disease. This study was undertaken to assess male high school students' response to BC. This cross-sectional survey was performed on male high school students across schools in Jeddah. A questionnaire gathered data on respondent demographics, beliefs about BC, BC risk factors, early screening methods, and role of men in BC.

Statistical analysis was done using SPSS A total of students participated, with an average age of Around half the survey population thought that BC was fatal and contagious. Others knew that mammograms should be performed periodically. A high percentage persuaded their relatives to have mammograms and provided them with psychological support. Knowledge of BC among male high school students in Saudi Arabia is still limited, and, therefore, programs and activities need to be established to increase awareness among high school students.

Purpose: With the rapid growth in the older inmate population, emerging issues regarding physical and mental health require greater research and clinical attention. The purpose of this study is to describe an association of unilateral multifocal choroiditis MFC , retinal vasculitis, optic neuropathy, and bilateral keratoconus in a young Saudi male. A year-old male patient with stable bilateral keratoconus presented with a painless vision loss in his left eye. Ophthalmic examinations revealed multiple foci of idiopathic chorioretinitis, retinal vasculitis, and mild optic disc leakage on fluorescein angiography, all of which resolved on systemic therapy with mycophenolate mofetil and prednisone after 3 months.

Systemic medication was stopped after 8 months. One year after presentation, patient's visual acuity has improved and remained stable. Systemic immunomodulatory therapy can be effective in managing and leading to resolution of MFC, retinal vasculitis, and optic disc leak in young patients. Epidemiology of acne vulgaris in adolescent male students in Arar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Acne vulgaris is the most common cutaneous disorder affecting adolescents and young adults.

Small, noninflamed acne lesions may not be more than a slight nuisance, but, in individuals with more severe inflammatory disease, pain, social embarrassment, and both physical and psychological scarring can be life altering. Despite its high prevalence, no previous community-based studies have been conducted in Arar, northern border of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, addressing this issue. The aim of this study was to estimate the prevalence of acne vulgaris, to describe the sociodemographic characteristics of cases, and to determine the aggravating factors and the psychological impact of acne vulgaris in a representative sample of secondary school male students in Arar city, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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This was a cross-sectional study. A multistage systematic random sampling technique was followed. A total of male students during the academic year were included in the study. Data were collected by means of personal interview and filling-in a questionnaire.

The overall prevalence of acne vulgaris was The mean age of onset was Positive family history of acne vulgaris was found in The skin was greasy in Acne site was the face in More than half Students mentioned several factors affecting the appearance of acne; Acne was highly prevalent among secondary school male students in Arar city, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Several risk factors increased the appearance of acne, including. The effect of repeated blood donations on the iron status of male Saudi blood donors.

Regular blood donation can lead to iron deficiency.


The aim of this study was to determine the effect of blood donation and the prevalence of erythropoiesis with iron deficiency sideropenia in Saudi male blood donors. Materials and methods. Following the donation, samples were removed into 2. The blood donors were divided into five groups, according to the number of donations they had given in the preceding 3 years.

The blood donors in group I were first-time donors, with no previous history of blood donation.

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Group II donors had donated once in the last 3 years. Subjects in groups III, IV and V had donated more than once in the preceding 3 years and were considered regular donors. The mean serum iron was significantly higher among subjects with no previous history of blood donation group I than among regular donors who had donated twice or more. The difference in serum ferritin concentration was statistically significant pdonated once in the last 3 years, and in first-time blood donors The prevalence of erythropoiesis with iron deficiency in regular blood donors was 4.

The results of this study show that an increase in the number of donations results in an increase in the frequency of depleted iron stores and subsequently in. Objective: This exploratory study sought to measure current self-reported experiences of older Saudi adults.

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Method: Self-reported aging perceptions and demographic data from semistructured questions were obtained from 52 community-dwelling older Saudi adults aged 50 or older. Results: Several key themes emerged from the interviews. The majority of respondents in this preliminary study acknowledge a preference for family care. Formal programs in Saudi Arabia are attended with relative infrequency while older adults recognize family support as the preferred method of support. Older Saudi interviewees hold a positive view of aging, but physical functioning, varying financial resources, and other daily obligations are a concern for those in this study.

Discussion: Data suggest as the Saudi population ages, more research is needed on the aging experience with particiular emphasis on issues relevant to older adults. Future research must work to clarify the aging experience as cultural context changes. Despite the increasing use of dietary supplements in Saudi Arabia, systematic studies in this field are lacking. This study aims to assess the relation between demographic and social characteristics and dietary supplement use among adult males in Saudi Arabia.

Demographic and dietary supplements data from fitness club participants were collected through a questionnaire and Pearson Chi-square test was used to determine associations. A total of apparently healthy adult males above 20 years of age, who were registered at fitness centers located in Saudi Arabia participated in the study.

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Supplement use was not associated with the participants' family income or level of education, but, was positively associated with younger age Male Saudi Arabian freshman science majors at Jazan University: Their perceptions of parental educational practices on their science achievements. Examination of Saudi Arabian educational practices is scarce, but increasingly important, especially in light of the country's pace in worldwide mathematics and science rankings.

The purpose of the study is to understand and evaluate parental influence on male children's science education achievements in Saudi Arabia.