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Our gay Colombia travel guide from our FIRST-HAND experience: top one of the best and safest tourist destinations in all of South America, it has also with Jesus from Barranquilla about what gay life is like in Colombia.
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One tip is to try to coincide your visit with one of the big festivals taking place, particularly the Barranquilla Carnival in February see above , the Flower Festival in Medellin in August and the Salsa Festival in Cali in September also see above. We've listed the main highlights below to inspire your Colombia Bucket List.

We would book a trip to Bogota in a heartbeat just to party at the excellent Theatron gay club on a Saturday night. Theatron is the largest gay club in Latin America and definitely the best we've ever been to in all our travels.

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It's split into 13 mini clubs spread over 5 floors, each with its own theme, for example, one room is devoted to modern pop hits, another room is only for women, another is men only with live strippers, and there's even one just for reggaeton hits. Find out more in our article about what a gay night out in Theatron is like. Bogota is also famous for its cool street art in the downtown Candelaria neighbourhood, the Gold Museum and Monserrate Mountain. The Coffee Region of Colombia is the best part of the country in our opinion.

It forms a triangle around the cities of Pereira, Manizales and Armenia, which each have airports. The cities themselves are nothing special, but the small towns around are simply gorgeous, in particular Salento. We loved Salento because it was full of character, like being transported back in time, with colourful colonial-style houses. Also, the best cup of coffee I tried in all of Colombia was right here..

I speak as a caffeine-addicted coffee snob! The other highlight of Salento is hiking in the Cocora Valley amongst the distinctive wax palms that grow up to m ft high. These are the highest palm trees you'll ever see! You'll take some of your best Colombia pics here — for us, this was easily the 1 scenic highlight from our trip.

Medellin is an exciting city. Not only does it have an exciting gay scene which we set out above , but in August, it has one of the prettiest and most exhilarating festivals in Colombia. The Feria de las Flores is 10 days of public concerts, pageants, orchid competitions, parades , and tons of parties.

One thing you'll quickly learn is that every Colombian is an incredible dancer and loves to party! The Medellin Flower Festival is particularly special because the entire country descends on the city. It felt like all of Colombia had come to a standstill to come and celebrate.

Read more in our article about our experience at the Medellin Flower Festival. Cartagena will always have a special place in our hearts as this is where I proposed to my Seby! Imagine lots of tight cobblestone alleys lined with resuscitated colonial-era mansions, their walls and wooden balconies painted pastel shades of yellow, blue and green.

This is where you're going to go Insta- crazy! We particularly loved all the dramatic street art murals of the old town and Plaza de la Trinidad in Getsemani. In the evening it's full of quirky street performers, artists performing, street vendors selling freshly made Mojitos and ad hoc street parties kicking off later in the evening along the narrow streets. Cartagena is also a handy base for visiting a few beaches.

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Playa Blanca and Hollywood beaches are the most popular, but we recommend taking a boat trip out to the tropical Rosario Islands. This underground cathedral is entirely carved out of salt and is only one of three such structures in the world. The other two are in Poland. The Salt Cathedral is so popular that it was voted as the 1 of the 7 Wonder of Colombia in a poll in As such it is very touristic and Disneyland-ish here, with plenty of tacky souvenir shops.

But the structure itself is impressive and definitely worth the journey. The other reason we love Medellin is because it's a handy base for visiting some of the small pretty towns of the Coffee Region. Another similar cutesy small town to visit in the region is Jardin but note it is much further away from Medellin around 4 hours by bus , so would require an overnight stay. It has precisely steps you can climb to reach the top.

We recommend it for the gorgeous degree view from the top of the entire valley. This is caused by a mix of aquatic plants, algae, sand and circular rock pools, which combine to produce this pretty unique liquid rainbow effect. You can also swim in it and literally feel like you're gliding through a magical rainbow! The Rainbow River is located deep inside what used to be dangerous Farc rebel territory.

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Since , it has opened its doors and become a safe place to visit as long as you come with a reputable tour operator. The official tourism season is between July to December, however, the best time to visit is in September and October when the likelihood of tropical downpours is minimal thus showing the stream of rainbow colours in their full glory. A pure remote island paradise getaway in the middle of the Caribbean waters! San Andres and Providencia are Colombia's most remote islands located quite far out, close to the coast of Nicaragua. Providencia, however, is the true hidden gem. It is located 90km 56 miles north from San Andres.

You can only reach it via a short and quite pricey minute flight from San Andres, or a 2. As such, far fewer people make it to San Andres, which is what makes it so alluring! Both islands have some of the country's most picturesque untainted, white sand beaches with clear, calm turquoise waters. Facilities are a bit limited, but this is the place we recommend you head to for the ultimate tropical beach getaway! The Tayrona National Park offers some of the most thrilling trekking adventures in Colombia.

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It's located right by the coast, so expect hot and humid temperatures here throughout the year. We flew to Santa Marta airport, took a private transfer over and stayed near the Park for a few nights. Inside the park, it feels like you're inside a vast thick rainforest. For our visit, we split the day into two. For the first part, we rented horses to take us to Cabo San Juan, which has a handsome beach to chill out at. The water here is quite rough in Tayrona, so cooling off in the sea depends on how high the currents get. For the second part of our visit, we trekked back through the thick rainforest spotting lots of monkeys, different types of birds and event the odd snake.

Out in Colombia is a fantastic local gay tour agent based in Medellin. They offer a bespoke service whereby they customise and tailor an itinerary according to what you want to see and do.

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If you're tight on time and want someone to organise everything for you from start to finish, we definitely recommend having a conversation with them! Fill out this form get a personalised itinerary and claim your discount. We've highlighted some of the main ones below, along with Barranquilla's Gay Carnival in February:. It started in with just 32 people marching and nearly policemen for crowd control!

Today some , people descend on the big capital city to watch, celebrate, support and march in Bogota's Pride Parade. Undoubtedly, most of those gay Pride party boys will end up in Theatron at some stage during the Bogota Pride weekend! An estimated 75, people took part in Medellin's Pride parade, which climaxed with lots of fabulous aguardiente-fuelled street parties in and around Poblado. Around , people come to party over the 4-day festival.

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We certainly rate it as one of the best carnival events in the world. The Barranquilla Gay Carnival is a full day gay parade that takes place just before the main Barranquilla Carnival starts, and it's awesome! Cartagena's Pride is the largest Pride event in the coastal region of Colombia taking place every August.

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