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Yeah: dead, reincarnated, and gay – the only way I'll come back to Brazil. Man, the number of times we interrupt each other in conversation, I often think and make your accomodation in cities like Campinas or Indaiatuba or Sorocaba.
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Belo Horizonte. Cabo Frio. Campo Grande. Foz do Iguacu. Joao Pessoa. Juiz de Fora. Manaus - Amazonas. Porto Alegre. Porto Velho. I avoid latinos because they treat me with prejudice for me being a black woman. But, in my country, white people are gods. When I started reading your text I assumed it was your wife typing.

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Everything was making sense until I see that it was you. So your experience is very awkward. My people is really terrible. Classism and racism are a big rule here, and hipocrisy and falsehood.

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And they are quite stupid. A lot of earthflatters here, and anticommunists, homophobics. A terrible people. And Rio is not Brazil. Brazil is a country of contrasts. And, in the end, nothing of that matters, right? He represents the real values of my people. Here you would find left-wing, right-wing, fascists, LGBT, black people, indigenous, christians, few atheists… and they could be very friednly to you.

In my opinion you were unlucky but lucky in the end. Visit Fernando de Noronha in the future, not now, or Bahia. Rio is full of fascists now. Thank you Arian for taking the time to comment. This is quite an old post and maybe certain things have changed like politics …while certain things may have not.

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But I appreciate the feedback. I know how it is to be a tourist, so it bothers me that my country might seem not welcoming. As an English teacher, I know how afraid Brazilians are of speaking English even the ones that are good at it. This is really something super common! We tend to think that every other country is better than us, specially North Americans.

In the language and in everything else. Every time my husband speaks to my friends that I know that have been going to English courses since they were kids , they panic and ask me to translate. And also laugh at each other when someone makes the most simple mistake. He also always complains about the starring. Brazilians stare a lot!

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  • It shows you know nothing about our culture and is very offensive. Also, thinking our women are not beautiful because they do not have giant asses and tiny thongs demonstrate the depravation of our beauty by the Foreign media. We are indeed beautiful. Last of all, we do have a lot of problems with violence. Specially in Rio. Our police and politicians are corrupt and the population got used to it.

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    We have a lot to improve and do not deny it. Tchau Brazil. But we happen to speak it, and if you are visint, you dont need to know it, but at least to know the basics of the place you are. Like… lumping every single latin people together as if we were a homogeneous mass. If you lived in Brazil, we know that within the country there is so much plurality.

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    Brazilians are not alike all over, as other people from other counries are also different in they ways. But yeah, why not set foot in any latin-american country and not presume they are the same freaking thing? Also, probably your animosity and any other people showing animosity towards us probably made for a lot of your bad experiences.


    There are few people that have walked this earth that will go out of their way to be agressive back once you start to be agressive towards us — which is why you are seing so many angry coments here. After showing your true colors, it will be awesome not seeing you anymore. I have done biz with Brazilians here in the US. They suck. Ele escreveu e descreveu o Brasil com toda sinceridade.

    Eu passei quase um ano da minha vida no Brazil e eu concordo plenamente. The vast majority of Brazilians are extremely ignorant and have a low IQ. Friendship and love in Brazil? Easy come, but also easy go. I cannot take Brazilians seriously. Lying selfish alligator-smiled people. I agree with the guy, Brazil is geographically nice, but most Brazilians are shit. You think the Portuguese language is so important and so fantastic and you laugh at the foreigners speaking it. You are the real douchebags. As a Brazilian, my day-by-day dilemma is how to find my place in this country.

    I have spent 3 weeks in Brazil. Some neibourghood just looking at will make you cry For most of the time people were nice my girlfriend is Brazilian so no language barrier. Thank god someone said it. I have to agree with you Frank. Then I came to Brazil … Salvador and Rio to be exact. I agreed your points on Brazilian women and the nature. Yes, Brazilian women are confident but unfortunately plastic surgeries are part of the reasons.