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The influence of the Catholic Church on politicians and the population at large continues to be strong; currently, for example, one cannot get a job without references from a priest ibid. Politicians feel obliged to publicly demonstrate their piety, making periodic visits to Catholic shrines ibid.

Starosta and Jedrzejczak noted that there is undoubtedly a social stigma attached to being a member of a sexual minority in Poland and that often people do not want to be publicly identified as being gay 19 Jan. However, Starosta, Jedrzejczak and a representative of Lambda believe that it is generally less difficult to "come out" in Warsaw than in other parts of the country Jedrzejczak 5 Feb. Jedrzejczak pointed out that despite this, Starosta is one of the few people who will speak out openly on gay issues on television ibid.

The Lambda representative noted that Polish society is generally intolerant, not only of gays, but also of ethnic minorities such as Roma, Asians and blacks; this general intolerance is compounded by a general social taboo on sex, particularly among older people 16 Feb. He felt that negative attitudes towards gays will likely dissipate over the next years ibid. Starosta noted that the government has not instituted tolerance campaigns for sexual minorities, although it has run such campaigns for national minorities, such as Jews and Belorussians 29 Jan.

Starosta emphasized that "coming out" is a very personal decision and highly dependent on individual circumstances 29 Jan. In the workplace, for example, the younger the co-workers, the more accepting they are likely to be ibid. As well, international companies often bring with them their more liberal international policies and workplace codes, while some private companies might also have similar provisions ibid. The Lambda representative stated that there are many situations of domestic problems for individuals who come out, including physical assault 16 Feb. When individuals are thrown out or abused by their parents, there is little recourse available to them ibid.

There are some homeless shelters, but they are dirty, usually full and often occupied by people with alcohol and drug problems ibid. Starosta would not advise someone to come out in a small town; it could result in the loss of friends, the alienation or disassociation of one's family, or the loss of employment 29 Jan. According to Jedrzejczak, in small towns, people would not generally be accepting of gay couples as neighbours and would likely make life very difficult for them 5 Feb.

He emphasized that those who are financially self-sufficient have less to lose by coming out ibid. However, Starosta felt that people might continue to hide their homosexuality even in big cities and even among more educated people 29 Jan. Jedrzejczak was of the opinion a lesbian would have the same, if not worse, difficulties coming out 5 Feb. Starosta emphasized that there are no legal penalties for being gay in Poland 29 Jan.

He knows that some gay men have come to Poland from other countries where there are such penalties ibid. Starosta believes that things are getting better and the country is becoming more "civilized" 29 Jan. The Lambda representative felt that the biggest problem facing gays and lesbians is the lack of legal and tax status for same-sex couples 16 Feb.

Following the change in government in , there was a burst of media interest in homosexuality and numerous articles were written on the subject Jedrzejczak 5 Feb. At first, they were usually negative, including, for example, complaints about "cruising" Jedrzejczak 5 Feb. More recently, however, media portrayals are becoming more positive, although there are certain specific exceptions, such as Radio Maryja, an influential religious radio station that broadcasts inflammatory and biased programming ibid.

It is run by monks, not by the Catholic Church per se, according to Jedrzejczak 5 Feb. The Catholic Church has neither clearly disassociated itself from nor openly supported the radio station AP 17 Dec. The station is very popular and fundraises quite successfully for its programming Jedrzejczak 5 Feb.

The article did not define the term "pornography" ibid. Investigations at approximately the same time were also underway into another gay and lesbian magazine, Filo ILGA Euroletter July In May , Parliament passed a new penal code that defined pornography as sexual acts that are violent or involve children and animals ibid.

The charges against Starosta went to court in April and he has not heard about the case since and does not know its status 29 Jan. Some people are trying to ban material they see as pornographic, which can lead to what Starosta termed minor problems ibid. For example, the cover of Nowy Men must be either plain white or completely covered regardless of what is depicted ibid.

Occasionally, Catholics and others will picket magazine shops selling gay magazines or other erotica Jedrzejczak 5 Feb. According to Jedrzejczak, Starosta still changes his place of publication periodically because people find it and impede the business ibid. Starosta and Jedrzejczak mentioned that there are four national gay publications in Poland 29 Jan.

Selerowicz also mentioned a new publication, Adam 26 Jan. In Poznan, Inaczej is published from a mall-based site.

Transnational Solidarities and LGBTQ Politics in Poland | SpringerLink

Jedrzejczak 5 Feb. There are no national periodicals specifically for lesbians, although there is a lesbian archive in Warsaw Selerowicz 26 Jan. The gay "scene" in Warsaw is relatively small, and is not always obvious Starosta 29 Jan. The Fantom bar, for example, which is owned by Starosta, is located in a basement in an unmarked location and is very difficult to find ibid.

A "Mr. According to one report, the event was widely covered in the media and was attended by several members of parliament ibid. At the event, individuals, including a member of parliament working to promote gay rights were given awards DataLounge 31 Mar. Activities and events are occasionally held in non-gay specific venues as well, such as gay films, theatre and exhibits Starosta 29 Jan.

In response, protestors, cited as numbering between 3 and 40, demonstrated at the city's Castle Square on the scheduled date of the parade ibid. One source noted that the occasion was marked by skinheads yelling anti-gay epithets ibid. Other activities to mark gay pride day included parties in gay bars and the opening of the city's first gay centre see below , as well as the screening of gay films, a cabaret and a photography exhibition ibid.

Cruising in Warsaw, Kraków, Poznań, Wrocław, and Beyond!

According to one source, one of the event's organizers, Krzysztof Garwatowski, stated that a highly visible event like a parade could have led to "unpleasant incidents" AP 7 July Sources were not in a position to provide figures on harassment or arbitrary dismissal of gays Starosta 29 Jan. One report noted that the eventual winner of the Mr. Gay Poland contest had been threatened with dismissal from his retail job if he took part in the contest Gay Today 31 Mar.

Starosta stated that because few harassed gays would likely complain, any figures would likely be artificially low 29 Jan. Both he and the Lambda representative also noted that employers generally provide alternate reasons for firing gay employees 29 Jan. Jedrzejczak also mentioned that Starosta has appealed unsuccessfully to people to come forward to help police when they have been the victims of crimes 5 Feb.

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Thank MelH It was evident it was quite old and would have been hanging when my gggreat-grandfather knelt there in worship. Driving from village to village, I watched the countryside pass by and thought of those long-ago years when family trudged similar byways.

The experience Tomasz provided for me was absolutely wonderful. He was courteous, provided comfortable travel and was solicitous of my personal comfort. He was knowledgeable answering my questions about the areas and customs of the people, then and now. For anyone wishing to enjoy the experience of a personal genealogical tour, I would highly recommend Tomasz as your guide. Date of experience: October Dear Traveler!

It's amazing to see it and you made me smile : both with long description and your fancy user code-name. For me it was fun to be your guide in that area.

The Queer Story of Polish Art and Subjectivity

Out tour together was a great experience. We were looking for your ancestral roots in Witsitz Kreis, Regierungsbezirk Bromberg, province Posen - just for the record and small reminder. Believe it or not but thanks to you I have learned a lot as well. Thank you! Warm greetings from Poznan, Poland! RSloan15 wrote a review Nov Well Worthwhile.

We highly recommend Tomasz. In fact, we have a family member going to Poznan in December and we have recommended him to her. He showed up at our hotel early. He made it a point to learn about us so that he could point out sites of interest as we walked. Tomasz did an outstanding job of helping us understand the history of Poznan and how it relates to today. It was really interesting to learn just how important Poznan has been in the history of Poland.

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Dear Richard! Thank you for this amazing feedback. EdC wrote a review Nov Great trip and great genealogy tour.