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When he arrived, two men, Ilmart Christophe and Jefty Joseph, both 20, came out of the bathroom masked and armed, the sheriff's office said. Cabral, of Coconut Creek, was tied up and was forced to increase the limits on his credit cards and was then driven to banks and forced to take out cash, authorities said. Only two men left the house, witnesses said. Christophe and Joseph were arrested later that day and both blamed the other for the shooting, the sheriff's office said.

Ben Shimon, of Greenacres, was arrested Wednesday. She told investigators Cabral begged for his life and was told he would be killed if he didn't cooperate by the two other suspects, the sheriff's office said. Cabral was "so scared he could hardly talk," she told investigators. Ben Shimon said she didn't know that Christophe and Joseph had planned to kill Cabral and said she wasn't there when he was shot, the sheriff's office said. Call me a courtesan, a call girl, an escort Dark red, you know the one, like blood.

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I forget the name. Anyway, he wants that on your toes. Light-pink manicure — fresh, innocent.

Underwear, yes. He wants you in Mohamed Abdihakim failed to show up for his sentencing hearing in December and police think he may have escaped to Mogadishu. A man convicted of raping an escort may have escaped to Somalia while another was jailed for seven years for the same crime. He had been bailed by Isleworth Crown Court on October 4 when he was found guilty of rape and false imprisonment. Ali left the room after the attack before Abdihakim entered and also forced her to perform a sex act.

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The woman, a student who became an escort to pay for her studies, suffered no physical injury, and bravely gave evidence in front of her attackers during the trial. An impact statement describing the effect the ordeal has had on her was handed to Judge Andrew McDowall before he sentenced Ali to seven years for rape, three for attempted rape and one for false imprisonment, to run concurrently. Abdihakim was not the only attacker to run off — another absconded before the start of the trial on September 23 last year.

Police are still actively pursuing the two outstanding suspects in this case. The vice girl served clients around the globe before she was busted by an undercover policeman in The hooker wore a wire and recorded conversations as she worked. She was almost rumbled when Gristina asked her to strip for a client at one meeting. From then on, the escort carried her wire in her Louis Vuitton bag and turned over all her earnings to the authorities.

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They wanted me to keep breaking the law so they could get more information. Gristina, 46, originally from Kirkliston, near Edinburgh, was arrested in July Little of the evidence Woodward had gathered over several years could ever be used in the courts. Albany Buffalo New York City. Philadelphia Pittsburgh. Memphis Nashville. Austin Dallas Houston San Antonio. United Kingdom London.

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VIP Lilia. Washington DC. Women also are filling two key roles in Mission Control: Mary Lawrence as the lead flight director and Jaclyn Kagey as the lead spacewalk officer. An all-female spacewalk is inevitable! As the percentage of women who have become astronauts increases, we look forward to celebrating the first spacewalk performed by two women! McClain, Koch and Hague! Business Insider. She soon began wearing pants, a habit that continued into her adult life. When the Civil War broke out in , Walker was barred from being an Army surgeon because she was a woman. She volunteered instead, working without pay at hospitals in Washington, DC, and Virginia.

Despite her service tending to Union Army wounded and her imprisonment, Walker received a smaller pension than that given to war widows. President Andrew Johnson presented her with the Medal of Honor in November to thank her for her contributions and her loyalty. According to one legend, when federal marshals attempted to retrieve it in , she opened the door holding a shotgun — and wearing her medal.

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She died in — one year before women were finally allowed to vote. She reportedly voted as early as — a half-century before women were legally allowed to do so in the US. President Jimmy Carter reinstated her medal in to honor her sacrifice and acknowledge the sexism she fought. In , the town Oswego dedicated of a statue in her honor, drawing people from around the country remember her, according to The Post-Standard of Syracuse, New York. That quote is inscribed on part of the statue. This article originally appeared on Business Insider. Follow BusinessInsider on Twitter. VAntage Point.

Having to stay home for your health is challenging enough. Imagine being told to stay home when you had no home or were worried about losing it. What would you do? Where would you turn?

1. Military salary vs civilian salary

Tens of thousands of Veterans in the United States live that reality. In January , the U. Department of Housing and Urban Development HUD counted more than 37, Veterans living in emergency shelters, in transitional housing, or without any housing at all. Many more Veterans are at imminent risk for losing their housing in the coming months. Precise data is nearly impossible to collect because the population is transient by definition. Any effort to help these Veterans must address not only their housing but also their mental health. - This website is for sale! - keepers20dale Resources and Information.

The relationship between homelessness and mental health challenges is complicated, with each potentially impacting the other. For example, mental health issues might prevent a Veteran from holding a job that would allow them to afford stable housing. Because VA facilities vary in scope and size, the printable, page booklet is designed to be customizable.

Each facility can include local contact information for asking questions about program eligibility and how to access VHA and community-based services for Veterans who are homeless. The use of comics in graphic medicine guides has been around for decades. The combination of storytelling and expressive art can convey complex, layered ideas and information that neither writing nor pictures can achieve alone. With graphic medicine, the comic style can give even bland clinical data a familiar, approachable feel.

Plus, its unique appearance stands out among VA waiting room pamphlets and may attract those who either need housing support or know a Veteran who does. This patient-centered form of communication is gaining wider acceptance in the medical community, in part because it works. Ray Facundo, a social worker, researcher and Army Veteran, played an integral, hands-on role in developing the booklet. The booklet takes a team approach in working toward improving stability and mental well-being through a range of programs and services, including:. Independently and in collaboration with federal and community partners, VA programs provide Veterans with housing solutions , employment opportunities , health care and justice- and reentry-related services.

This article originally appeared on VAntage Point. Follow DeptVetAffairs on Twitter. Blake Stilwell. There were a number of unwritten rules among the men who fought the American Civil War. Confederate soldiers were known to execute white officers who led black men in combat.

There was one thing, however, the soldiers on either side of Civil War battlefields would not do — they would not shoot a man relieving himself. And for a good reason. The biggest killer of Civil War soldiers was not the bullet, sword, or cannonball, it was disease. For every American troop who died at the hands of the enemy, two more would die of disease. The most likely culprits were typhoid and dysentery. Dysentery and the diarrhea that came along with it ravaged both Armies for the entire war.

It was this disease and its signature symptom that claimed more lives than all the battles of the war, combined. The necessity of sanitation and hygiene among such large groups of people was not fully understood at the time. Camps were littered with refuse and whatnot in various states of decomposition. An estimated Usually, troops were treated with opium.

Not a terrible way to get back to duty but also not quite a cure, either. Department of Defense. Every spring caterpillars shed their cocoons, emerging as butterflies.

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Air Force Academy demonstrated that analyzing light reflected from the scales of a butterfly wing may fill a critical capability gap for our service members. Currently, only expensive, non-portable instrumentation exists for the required sensitivity of certain CWA. Other tools, such as colorimetric and nanomaterial methods show promise, however, they pose challenges for long-term field use such as inadequate sensitivity or sensor poisoning.