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Sadly, as far as the public press in Oman is concerned, this is just a rumour. It has never been confirmed by anyone, least of all by himself. However, unofficially, in both Oman and throughout the Middle East, he is well-known as being gay, apparently leading a very lavish gay lifestyle in his palace. He divorced his first wife who was also his first cousin and not fathered any children.

He is also rumoured to have had an English lover. Sadly the fun ends there.

With regards to the gay scene of Oman, everything is underground, as is the case with most Arab countries. We advise using gay dating apps to connect with locals to discover more. Due to the strong censorship laws, you will need a decent VPN to do so. On the face of it, homosexuality is very illegal in Oman, punishable with a jail sentence of up to 3 years. However, cases rarely get to court unless there is a risk of a public scandal. The Omani government mainly led by the influential Shura Council, Tawfiq al-Lawati responded by threatening to shut down the paper unless it publicly apologised, which it subsequently did with an entire front-page article.

For the most part, Oman is a stunning country to visit. The majority of Omanis are well-educated, civilised and down to earth, which makes being gay in Oman slightly easier as long as you're discreet. Bahrain is often considered to be one of the most tolerant of the Gulf States, in particular when compared to its giant neighbour, Saudi Arabia.

On the face of it, like Jordan, Bahrain appears to be another shining gay star in the Arab world, having legalised homosexuality as early as It also has an equal age of consent of 21 for both straight and gay couples. Get in-depth FREE gay travel guides, along with inspiring stories, savvy planning tips, and exclusive discounts on gay tours. Jordan's draw as a huge tourism attraction in the Middle East has helped bolster its gay credentials. We can understand why, given that such a small country offers unique cultural gems like Petra, Wadi Rum and even a slice of La mer morte.

In terms of public gay events in Jordan, there have been several over the years, mainly for the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia.

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Whilst there is no obvious gay scene in Jordan, there is an underground scene, which you're likely to discover by befriending locals on Grindr. One well known gay friendly bar in Amman is Books Cafe , which becomes a club on weekends. On the one hand, Jordan appears to be one of the most progressive LGBTQ countries in the world for the simple reason that it decriminalised homosexuality in , nearly 2 decades before the UK!

At the same time, it also reduced the age of consensual relationships to 16, which is the same for heterosexuals.

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More recently, an openly gay man, Mounir Baatour, is seeking to run for President! Whether or not he'll succeed, the very fact that he is able to run says a lot! In terms of gay events in Tunisia, small discreet Pride receptions have been taken place in private, mainly in the capital, Tunis.

This was a big deal because it was the first ever public film festival in Tunisia to celebrate the country's LGBTQ community. Whilst homosexuality is illegal in Tunisia with up to 3 years imprisonment Article of the Penal Code , activism is so strong that there are signs that this is likely to change very soon. In addition, in April , one gay marriage was legally recognised in Tunisia for the first time. When it comes to gay life in the Arab world, Lebanon is the runaway winner in our opinion.

It even had a Beirut Pride scheduled to take place in and subsequently in Sadly, both were either forced to proceed in private, or cancelled due to pressure from radical Islamists. On a positive note, future Beirut Pride events are being planned. Homosexuality is technically not illegal in Lebanon.


Although there is no direct reference to homosexuality in the Penal Code, Lebanese judges since the s have sadly interpreted these Colonial laws as applying to homosexuals. In addition, Lebanese politicians openly campaign for decriminalisation of homosexuality, which is a positive sign of changing times. For more, check out our article about gay travel in Lebanon. At no point during the interrogation did the police advise Free of his right to speak to a lawyer.

At around midnight, they moved him into a cell, where he spent the night. The following day, he was taken before a prosecutor, who charged him with sodomy but decided to release him provisionally pending trial. On June 6, he appeared before the first instance court in Monastir. The presiding judge closed the courtroom to the public. The first question he asked me was whether I am used to the practice of sodomy.

I told him I was not. He said the judge adjourned the trial to June 14, when he convicted Free and sentenced him to a four-months sentence with probation, based on his phone conversations and his forced confession. Free has appealed. He fled to France and applied for asylum after being charged under article and granted pretrial release. In November , he chatted with a man on Facebook. The man, called A. When they did, M. A few days later, on November 28, A. Fearing scandal, M. After a few hours, A.

When I told the police officers about the rape, they asked me how I knew the man and how we met. I dodged the questions, but they insisted. I told them that I am gay, and their behavior changed instantly. The police interrogated M. The police told M. When he reported to the court, the investigative judge treated him as a criminal, not a victim.

He asked questions about my sex life and when I started practicing sodomy with other men.

He said that I deserved everything that had happened to me and that I should be ashamed of myself. The indictment of M. The indictment also relies on the confession from A. The director handed him a dismissal notice on the grounds that he was facing trial. It was like living in a prison. My father and older brother beat me many times, my father even burned me with a cigarette. They did not allow me to go out, they said they were ashamed of me. I had no other choice, I felt rejected by everyone, my family, society, my colleagues. And I was afraid of going to prison. Mounir Baatour, M. On May 15, , indictment chamber sent the indictment to the cassation court for a legal review, which is pending.

On June 12, , police in Sidi Bouzaiane arrested R. They interrogated them in the same room, asking them how they met. A police officer took R. One of the four officers present during interrogation slapped R. When the police finished the interrogation at 3 a. He said he asked to have a lawyer first, but they refused to let him call one and insulted him.

He signed the report. The police report, reviewed by Human Rights Watch, states that neither man requested a lawyer. The police report states that officers searched R. Two days after the arrest, M. Are you getting fucked for money? Why are you fucking men? He said they held his arms, while the strongman slapped him on the face and punched him on the chin.

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After a week in detention, he appeared before an investigative judge, who asked him about his sexual behavior. The first instance court in Sidi Bouzid sentenced the two men on June 12 to three months in prison for sodomy. The appeals court upheld the sentence.

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Police arrested S. They were sentenced, on March 10, , to eight months in prison under article of the penal code and not on charges related to public indecency. The police report describes their sexual intercourse in detail and concludes that S. The judgment from the first instance court in Sousse, which Human Rights Watch reviewed, states that both denied committing sodomy or being homosexuals.

The first time was in August , when he was Police forces arrested him at his house after his two sisters denounced him as gay and took him to the Kasba police station in Tunis.