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Once the missile is fired and traveling fast enough, a solid-fuel boost motor falls away and a cruise motor takes over; at that point, the weapon flies in a figure-eight pattern and looks for targets.

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According to the judiciary spokesman, Gholamhossein Esmaili, an appeals court issued the final verdicts. Two of the activists, Morad Tahbaz and Niloufar Bayani, got 10 years each and were ordered to return the money they allegedly received from the U. Iran will refuse to negotiate with the U. Rouhani said, speaking at a news conference in the Iranian capital. Facebook has removed two separate networks of fake accounts originating in Iran and Russia, for "engaging in foreign or government interference". The Russian operation, which Facebook linked to the country's military intelligence services, focused primarily on Ukraine and neighbouring countries.

The small Iranian operation used accounts and personas on Facebook and Instagram to post content about US politics and the presidential election. In a statement, the military said the guided-missile cruiser Normandy boarded a dhow, a traditional sailing vessel, in the Arabian Sea on Sunday. The missile attacks capped a spiral of violence that had started in late December. Both sides have refrained from further military escalation, but the mounting number of U. Iran unveiled a new short-range missile called Thunder on Sunday and launched a satellite named Victory which failed to reach orbit.

The developments took place at a time of high tension with the United States, which killed Iranian military commander Qassem Soleimani in a drone strike in Baghdad on Jan. The agreement hangs on a single thread, one that permits international inspection of its atomic sites, and is already threatened. He also slammed Jews and Zionists. The first option for PIJ is resistance and to realize national unity. An Israeli cybersecurity firm said it believes a new strain of ransomware was created by Iran and has the ability to lock up or even delete industrial control systems.

But it also removes all file copies from infected stations, preventing the victims from recovering encrypted files. Snake, which was recently discovered, searches for hundreds of specific programs -- including many industrial processes that belong to General Electric Co.

Iran is apparently trying to launch a satellite into space despite a string of failures last year and U. The photos, which were annotated by experts at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies, show an apparent influx of cars and work activity at a launchpad, suggesting Iran might be repairing the damaged site.

The activity depicted in the images has, in the past, signaled an impending launch. A group of Iranian lawmakers on Tuesday asked parliament to debate a motion for Iran to quit a treaty governing global nuclear arms control, a move apparently aimed at pressuring European powers to salvage Tehran's own nuclear deal.

Security Council over the deal, a move that would overturn diplomacy in Tehran's turbulent relations with Western powers. Israel's Channel 12 on Sunday reported that cyber-attacks originating from Iran were among the distinct cyber-attacks on Israel's Ben Gurion Airport and planes of world leaders arriving in Israel to attend Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial on 23 January. Vice President Mike Pence and Russian President Vladimir Putin were arriving in Israel to attend the memorial, more than cyber-attacks targeted Israel's international airport and the planes landing there.

Channel 12, also known as Keshet 12, is a free-to-air television owned by a media group of the same name. The report said the attacks originated in Iran, China, North Korea, Russia and Poland but since preparations had been made ahead of the momentous event for Israel, the threats were neutralized by Israel's cyber defense, Hercules. Iran said earlier this month it would scrap limitations on enriching uranium, taking a further step back from commitments to a nuclear deal with six major powers, but pledged to continue cooperating with the U. Ali Asghar Zarean said that Iran has stockpiled 1, kilograms, or about 2, pounds, which is well beyond what the nuclear deal between Tehran and world powers allowed.

The claim has not been verified by the U. Leaders of Iran's reformist parties say the results of the upcoming parliamentary elections will come as no surprise as nearly all of the well-known reformist candidates have been disqualified by the hardliner-dominated Guardian Council. They said at the end of a meeting on Wednesday January 22 that unless there is a meaningful revision in the results of the vetting, reformists have no one to represent them in many constituencies, semi-official news agency ISNA reported on Thursday.

From among around 15, candidates only 60 low-key reformist figures have been qualified to run for the February 21 election. Those behind the rally have two goals in mind - to pressure Washington to pull its troops out of Iraq, and to eclipse the mass anti-government protests that have challenged their grip on power.

It is likely to end up at the gates of the U. Embassy, the seat of U. It could turn nasty again.

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The standoff erupted into tit-for-tat military strikes earlier this month. It will celebrate the 41st anniversary of the Islamic Revolution next month. A missile attack launched by Shiite rebels in Yemen hit an army camp Saturday, killing at least 60 troops and injuring dozens of others, Yemeni officials and Saudi state television said.

The strike in the central province of Marib wounded about 10 others. Officials said they expected the death toll to rise as burn victims were rushed to hospitals. Marib lies about 70 miles kilometers east of the capital, Sanaa. In his first such address in eight years, the leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, sought to rally supporters and undermine critics after weeks of turbulence in the Middle East that brought Iran and the United States to the brink of war and prompted street protests in Iran over the accidental downing of a civilian jetliner by Iranian forces.

Ayatollah Khamenei offered only scant condolences to the families who lost relatives in the crash, and instead sought to project strength. Two men have been sentenced to prison on charges in connection with working on behalf of the government of Iran to monitor a Jewish center in Chicago and Americans who are members of an exiled Iranian opposition group. Ahmadreza Mohammadi-Doostdar, 39, a dual Iranian-U.

The Myth of Regime Moderation | UANI

District Judge Paul L. Friedman in Washington after pleading guilty Oct. Majid Ghorbani, 60, an Iranian citizen and U. President Hassan Rouhani appeared to confirm this in his stinging critique of the council, which barred more than 9, from the over 14, people who had registered to run. Among them are 90 sitting lawmakers out of some who registered to run for re-election.

Iranian social media users on Wednesday reported that warning issued by intelligence and security forces and heavy riot police presence on the streets has forced students to call off planned rallies in Tehran on the fifth day of protests in the country. Since early afternoon social media users posted pictures and videos of large groups of security forces and fully-geared riot police around the capital's major universities, describing it as "laying siege to universities". Later on they reported that under heavy pressure students have called off their planned rallies at Tehran and Amir Kabir universities.

Israeli military analysts say that by the end of Iran will have enough enriched uranium for one nuclear bomb.

The assessment comes after recent tensions between the U. The United States pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal in , and Israeli intelligence officials speculated that Iran would resume its efforts to acquire a nuclear bomb. Israeli army intelligence officials based their calculation on their assessment that it takes 40 kilograms of percent enriched uranium for one nuclear bomb.

Iran announced several months ago that it no longer considered itself bound by the nuclear deal and would step up enrichment efforts. The remarks come a day after Britain, France and Germany took the first steps toward reimposing sanctions on Iran following the sharp increase in tensions after the killing of Iranian Maj. Rouhani told his weekly cabinet meeting, according to Iranian state media Wednesday. Rouhani said. Surveillance video from Iran circulating on social media Tuesday appears to show two missiles hitting the Ukrainian passenger jet downed over Tehran, fired approximately 30 seconds apart, providing new information about the tragedy that killed people on the plane.

It raises new questions about how forthcoming Iranian authorities were when, after three days of denial, they admitted they had mistakenly struck the Ukraine International Airlines flight without mentioning a second missile. Tasnim also said that out of 15 missiles fired at U. The release of photos by Tasnim coincides with the decision of the United Kingdom, France and Germany to trigger the dispute mechanism of the nuclear deal as a response to Iran gradually reducing its commitments.

The missile barrage last week against the sprawling Ain al-Asad air base in western Iraq left deep craters and the crumpled wreckage of living quarters and a helicopter launch site. At least two soldiers were thrown through the window of a meters-high tower, and several dozen U. Tim Garland, commander of Task Force Jazeera and one of the most senior officials on the base that day. Iranian public anger, rumbling for days after Tehran had repeatedly denied it was to blame for the plane crash, erupted when the military admitted its role. Leaflets are being distributed at the influential school urging students to sign up for Jihad missions against the United States and Israel to avenge the death of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani.

The remarks were just some of the mixed messages put forth by Iranian leaders on Thursday after Iranian missile strikes, which hit two military bases in Iraq housing American troops. On Thursday the commander of the Revolution Guards air force, Brig. The official said the plane was being tracked moments before it went down by Iranian radar used to aim missiles. A second official said the U. The first official identified the weapon as a Russian-made SA surface-to-air missile system, also referred to as the Gauntlet.

Hackers looking to breach US computer networks sharply intensified their efforts following the death of Iranian military leader Qasem Soleimani, but have had limited success, according to internet security researchers and state government officials. Iran retaliated for the killing of Gen. Qassem Soleimani by firing more than a dozen ballistic missiles at two Iraqi air bases housing U. Washington and Tehran both confirmed that Iran was the source of the missiles. The extent the damage was unclear. NBC News. The consequences of the American killing of a top Iranian general rippled across the Middle East and beyond on Sunday, with Iran all but abandoning a landmark nuclear agreement and Iraqi lawmakers voting to expel American forces from their country.

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Steeling for retaliation from Iran, an American-led coalition in Iraq and Syria suspended the campaign it has waged against the Islamic State for years, as hundreds of thousands of Iranians took to the street to mourn the general, Qassim Suleimani. Iran promised vengeance after a U. Soleimani, a year-old general who headed the elite Quds Force, was regarded as the second most powerful figure in Iran after Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Democratic critics said the Republican president had raised the risk of more violence in a dangerous region.

Militiamen and their supporters protesting against deadly U. Embassy in Baghdad on Tuesday in an unprecedented attack on an American diplomatic mission in the country.

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Embassy guards responded with stun grenades and tear gas after the attackers stormed and burned the security post at the entrance but did not breach the main compound. It comes after months of security incidents in the region for which both sides have traded blame. China, Russia and Iran began a four-day joint military exercise in the Indian Ocean and Gulf of Oman on Friday amid ongoing friction in the economically important region between Tehran and Washington. The Gulf of Oman has been a focal point of geopolitical tensions in , after two oil tankers were attacked in the narrow strait in June by an unidentified party.

The US blamed Iran for the attack but Tehran denied the allegations. Several U. The United States has confirmed a news report citing unnamed Iranian officials as saying about 1, people were killed in a crackdown by security forces on anti-government protests last month. In a report published Monday, London-based Reuters said it obtained the death toll from three Iranian interior ministry officials who said the fatalities included "at least 17 teenagers and about women as well as some members of the security forces and police.

Special Representative for Iran Brian Hook as saying the Reuters report "underscores the urgency for the international community to punish the perpetrators and isolate the regime for the murder of 1, Iranian citizens. Iran's Prosecutor General announced that "many of those detained" in the November protests across Iran have been indicted and their trials will begin next week. Mohammad Jafar Montazeri also said those who "could be freed" have already been released from prison.

Iran has so far refused to disclose the number of the detainees or give any information about hundreds who were killed by the security forces' heavy-handed response to the protesters. Based on Radio Farda's data, at least 8, people were arrested in different cities across Iran between November 15, when the protests broke out, and December 5.

Since then hundreds of more arrests have taken place. While 70 countries improved their human freedom ranking in the past year, Iran remained in the th place among the countries in the Human Freedom Index HFI. The index which measures personal, civil and economic freedom at a global level, covers areas such as rule of law, security and safety, size of government, property rights, religion, civil society and expression. The HFI also found a strong relationship between human freedom and democracy and said Hong Kong is an outlier in this regard.

The index which is the most comprehensive freedom index so far created for a globally meaningful set of countries covers countries for , the most recent year for which sufficient data are available. Iran President Hassan Rouhani said his country's nuclear experts have begun the testing of new, advanced centrifuges for uranium enrichment, marking yet another violation of the nuclear deal.

More than a month after the start of the latest round of anti-government protests in Iran, security forces are still arresting people in various cities.

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  • Elsewhere in Iran officials broke the news on Tuesday about more than other arrests in Alborz Province near Tehran, as well as Khuzestan and Fars Provinces in the south. Although arbitrary arrests continue, there is still no official figure about the number of those detained during and after the protests that started on November 15 following a sudden three-fold rise in the price of gasoline. At least people have been killed in Iran during anti-government unrest that broke out last month, Amnesty International said on Tuesday.

    Thousands have been arrested including children as young as 15 in a crackdown that followed the protests, London-based Amnesty said in a statement.

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    Amnesty said earlier this month that at least were killed in the protests. A senior U. It was the latest in a spate of rocket strikes in the past five weeks on military installations hosting members of the U. Iran is in the grip of a deep recession with a 9 percent contraction this year and faces serious problems with earning hard currency for vital imports. Last month, the government raised the price of gasoline, sparking mass protests that were crushed with killing at least protesters and possibly many more.

    Security forces have jailed 8, protesters. Iran is building an underground tunnel to store missiles and large-scale weapons, according to satellite images obtained by Fox News and Western intelligence sources who reviewed the information.