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Nina Radcliff is a practicing physician. Tony Fauci, my friend, I just want to know your thinking about how did this person get through? What will stop future people from coming through, especially from West Africa, with the disease?

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And he flew on the 20th of September, arrived here, and went for another four days with no symptoms. And it was only on the 24th of September that he developed symptoms. But this person was completely asymptomatic. The bad news is he got here. But the good news, the encouraging news is that being without symptoms, the people on the plane were not at risk. So only when he became symptomatic after a few days here in the States were people who came into contact with him at risk of getting infected. He knew that!

Does anybody at the airport ask that question? They ask you questions -- have you been near wild -- what -- animals lately? Have you been near vegetables lately?

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They ask those kinds of questions. Were the questions put to that man leaving Monrovia of whether he was involved with anybody who had Ebola or not? And is there any way to -- to have that kind of rigor to ask that obvious question, Tony? I mean, he Well, honesty tests are almost an impossible thing to do, Chris. The issue of screening people for symptoms and fever works well.

He said it would be unlikely. It just happened. Can you? It is still an unlikely situation that someone would get through. It still is unlikely. Well, let me go to you Dr. Nina Radcliff. Your view about this thing?

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  • Because the American people would like to know that there is a wall between us and Ebola. Can we have a wall? Can we protect it? But the key is that we should not be panicking at this time. The American health care system has been studying this for years.

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    They have had systems in place for years. They have done researches, they have done drills, they have done training. And, in fact, even when the doctor came back to Emory, there were nurses on vacation who wanted to come back early so they could be part of the support system to stop this. We may not be able to prevent every single person from coming back here, but we have to rest assured that the American health care system is the best. They have protocols in place, they have emergency plans in place.

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    Even when the students came back from international travel at the beginning of the college year, the colleges had set up emergency plans to make sure that they can monitor these people. And I think this is a testament that we diagnosed this. We are isolating this person and we are finding all of their contacts. So, while people are getting concerned, we need to look at the bright side. And Ebola is not the same disease in this country as it is in Africa. For example, the three people who have come to Emory to receive treatment, they have all lived, they have all survived.

    Why did you say come back here? They have been saying that all day about this guy. He came back here. I can understand an American getting back into the country relatively easily. Can you just get -- just get on the plane? But if they do not have symptoms, you cannot isolate the entire world. We cannot say everybody who travels there has to be isolated.

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    He did not have symptoms. He did not have a fever. He did not have anything to make us wonder or worry. The key here is that, when he did receive care, he is being treated and he is being isolated. And they are contacting the contacts. What do you think you should do if you were president of the United States in terms of letting people in from that part of the world, West Africa, where you have a high, even an epidemic situation developing? I think that the negative issues that arise when you do that far outweigh the advantage.

    And, as was just said, as I just said, screening people for symptoms and not allowing someone with a fever or symptoms to get on the plane works well. This person did get through, Chris. We can handle this. And it will stop in its tracks. And, in fact, there might be someone of the contacts who gets infected. I hope not.


    But if they do, there still will not be an outbreak. So I agree with the president that that restriction should not occur.

    According to everything we have heard, the incubation period, the period in which -- from which you get the -- contact the disease and it shows up in serious symptoms is from two to 21 days. But even if someone does get through, we can isolate and contact trace and prevent an outbreak. He is in good care.


    He is isolated. And the contacts are being traced. We will know in a couple weeks whether this policy works. Anyway, thank you, Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Up next, U. Luckily, after she is escorted out of building, it should be pretty easy for her to get back in. She called it Pennsylvania Avenue. You reload with truth, which I know is an endangered species at Pennsylvania Avenue anyway, truth.

    The truth is in short supply at Pennsylvania Avenue.