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Blued, one of the biggest gay dating apps in the world, has for gay men like Boy Air, BF99, Don't Cry My Friends and the local Tianjin Cool.
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Add your review, comment, or correction Fuyang Anhui Province Population is about , that's about 4, Utopians. Nanmei has loud karaoke-style music and a weekend drag show. Attracts a middle-age crowd. Open pm every evening weekends til midnight. Paradiso cafe ,bar, disco 5. Great atmosphere, serving very good European and Asian cuisine.

Baotou (Inner Mongolia) -- area code +86-472

A wide selection of imported wine, Italian coffee and English tea. Handsome waiters and English speaking staff. At night it is dark, but is safe since it is near the main street. Busy from Mostly young gays. Beware of hustlers from the countryside. You can take 51 bus from the center of town. There is one facility outside of which gays gather.

Safe, there are a lot of people around. Best from Guigang Gays meet at the northeastern corner of the park in front of the Guigang Gouvernment building.

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  • Baotou (Inner Mongolia) -- area code +86-472?
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At the crossroads between Zhongshan Lu and Hecheng Lu in the small woods behind the public facilities. DD is on the right, on the back side of Yinhai Mansion. Very close to the cross road with Shaanxi Lu. You can call the very helpful boss, Mr Brian who used to work at English First , if you need help finding it. Dancing, loud music, with drag queen waiters.

Very lively, even on weekdays show before pm on weekdays , full of young gays.

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The sign 'Ever' is on the left, with the bar downstairs. Add your review, comment, or correction Mini , , It is located in the same building as club Pink, in the city center close to Soho club. But persist. Customers are mostly middle age and working class, plus young guys who like mature men. Add your review, comment, or correction Fringe Zone , email Gay, bi and straight men massage by fully qualified masseur.

Hot oil sensual massage with a mix of Thai and Chinese traditional techniques and an acrobatic advanced yoga slant. Let him warm you up with a good back massage. Add your review, comment, or correction Around the Chairman Mao statue in People's Square in the evening. Lots of eye contact and lots of cute guys! Not the easiest place to find. On Suocao Rd, about m from the Yingxing Hotel, take a right at a small alley going down a slope, then veer right. Entrance is inside a building's parking lot. Mostly middle aged guys.

Not plush. A lot of gay men go to the gay bars every night. There is quite a different feeling between a Beijing gay bar and a Hainan gay bar: all the mature men in Beijing bars are usually foreigners, but in Hainan you'll find many middle-aged locals relaxing after work and enjoying Hainan's easy-going atmosphere. The population is a half million that's 20, Utopians. Under the Radar gathering Wed nights 8pm until closing. Women spotted here. Email for earlier meeting times. Harbin's population is over 10 million that's about , Utopians. Click here for Harbin hotels and accommodations.

Quite crowded on Fri and Sat night. The crowd was mixed, but obviously friendly. Shows start about 10pm. It is located on the first floor. Lanyu puts on very elaborate drag shows on Fri and Sat nights -- with lip-syncing, jokes, story telling, and an impressive group dance of some over-the-top drag queens. The walls are adorned with numerous pictures of previous guests and famous people.

Chinese gay dating app BlueCity focused on Asia after IPO

Drinks are relatively cheap, and they have some simple bar snacks. Be prepared for the sound of endless seed-cracking. Fri nights seem more popular, but there is a healthy Sat crowd. Add your review, comment, or correction F1 Ask a taxi driver, most of them know it. It fills up on the weekends. Drag shows and loud dance music. Add your review, comment, or correction Gongyuan Qingcheng Southwest corner of this park, around the facilities. Click here for Hong Kong listings. Skyboys Century Square Really friendly and really cute staff.

Beijing: City life, gay apps, and live streaming girls - VPRO Documentary

Inexpensive drinks. There are more gays at branch in Kundu. The hippest place for locals, with quite a lot of gay people. Mainly local crowd of mixed ages. Add your review, comment, or correction Lhasa Tibet The population of Lhasa is about , that's about 8, Utopians.

You will see a T-junction and then you will find a 2-storey high traditional Tibetan building. Friendly bar. The manager, a handsome guy, can speak English. Most guests are Tibetans, who are enthusiastic. The club is decorated in a modern Tibetan style. Add your review, comment, or correction Park located at the back of the Potala Palace.

Usually you can meet people after 9pm at the facilities there, including gay Tibetans. Pleasant place. Staff are very friendly. Busy weekends pm till late. Add your review, comment, or correction Feng Huang Tai A sort of mini-park. Busy around 8pm. Dadawa Bar Lijiang old city.

Good music and coffee. Small park To the left of the southern bridge across the Liu Jiang river. It is very active after dark with many, many Utopians on the lower levels where they sing and cut hair during the day, but down a level or two. Add your review, comment, or correction Macau Europe's first settlement in Asia, a former Portuguese colony, pre-dates Hong Kong's colonization by a few hundred years. Cobbled alleys, baroque churches, historic graveyards, and Chinese temples have survived practically unaltered since their construction centuries ago.

Population is a half million that's about 20, Utopians. Package includes male strip show at Divino club plus the Taboo show at the City of Dreams. There is also an optional free half day city tour to the Macau historical attractions and natural landscapes with their guide staff.

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Visit the old world Cantonese downtown, with cool shops and eateries. The historic Portuguese district, with it's distinctive architecture, is gorgeous. The foodie scene here is excellent, with many influences from Europe joining those of China. See their website for tour details. Add your review, comment, or correction Senado Square Especially after 7pm at night and all day Sun. Lots of Filipino guest workers looking to while away their leisure hours. Add your review, comment, or correction Walk around the outside of the Lisboa casino and you might meet some guys that are interested.

Add your review, comment, or correction Mianyang Sichuan The population of Mianyang is over 5 million that's more than , Utopians. Renmin Park Down the street from the Walmart, about a block away. Look at the signs and go past the 'monkey mountain' during the day there are several tea gardens in the vicinity.

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On the other side of the lake in the far corner of the park in the darker areas between the trees, there are men hanging out close to the facilities every evening from about 10pm-1am. Some gays during the daytime, also, with lots of eye contact. Be discreet, it is a mixed crowd and some MBs and a pickpockets also at work.